Must see tribute to 80’s action comedies

Over 17 thousand people pledged more than $630,000 to help bring a “visually spectacular action comedy” to life.

The result? Kung Fury, an over-the-top action comedy featuring a renegade cop who travels through time to kill the greatest evil known to man, Hitler (a.k.a. the Kung Führer). Along the way, Kung Fury gains the help of vikings, gods, and dinosaurs.

The roughly 30-minute movie was written and directed by Swedish director David Sandberg. Sandberg originally intended to produce Kung Fury for $200,000 and was able to take the project to the next level when over $630,000 was raised via Kick Starter.

Sandberg and his team are already capitalizing upon the acclaim for the film. Fans can purchase the soundtrack on iTunes, as well as vinyl LPs and t-shirts via Sandberg has also pledged to create a feature-length film of Kung Fury if their project, in its current form, manages to raise $1,000,000.

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