Fox Retro animation = 1980s tv and videogame bliss

Screenshot of the Charlie's Angels sequence 8-bit style from the Fox Retro Animation video.

Pulling off a retro themed creation that fans will love can be a major challenge. You have to respect the well known characters and personalities that fans have come to love. The sounds must fit the style of the decade and environments in which the characters were first experienced by your audience. The look and feel all has to come together perfectly.

Fox Retro is a beautiful animation created by the team at Punga that does a wonderful job of bringing together all of the important details to pull off a retro-themed/inspired experience.

The animation presents iconic characters from classic television shows like Happy Days, Different Strokes, the A-Team, Mork and Mindy, Star Trek, Charlie’s Angles, Wonder Woman in a pixel-style mash-up world of classic 1980s videogames like Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Kung Fu, Super Mario Bros, and Frogger.

Watch the Fox Retro animation

What the creators had to say about this animation

When the FOXRetro video was released, the staff at published the following release:

The good folks at FOX gave us this sweet script that turned to be Gabriel Fermanelli’s first gig solo as a Director for PUNGA! FOX Retro is all about that: retro series! So the idea of working in an 8bit format sounded good. We reinterpreted it an added some 3D magic to it and here’s the result: a beautiful trip back to the 80’s Punga style!

Credits for Fox Retro

The following members of the Punga staff worked on this piece:

Director: Tomas Dieguez
Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi
Producer: Veronica Miramontes
Assitant Producer: Cecilia Moledo

Designers: Facundo Laboranti, Christian Rey Willis, Andres Rossi, Matias D’Alessandro, Lucas Casagrande, Pablo Kerlleñevich, Ivan Flugelman, Santiago Zoraidez, Charles Lamour, and Emmanuel Prado

Secretary: Mariela Fabregas

Who is Punga?

Punga is a studio who has made it their goal to be “one of the most innovative animation/branding studios in the world.” Punga has offices in Buenos Aires, London, Mexico, New York, Madrid, and Los Angels. Punga can be followed on Twitter via @VisualConsorcio.

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